Anfi UK Members’ Club – Constitution (last amended 2nd October 2021)

(A pdf version of the constitution is available on request.)


The Anfi UK Members’ Club has a formal Constitution which governs its operation. Changes to the Constitution are made via proposals to an Ordinary or an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club and voted by those members present, by postal vote or by proxy votes or electronically.

The Constitution is set-out under the headings below.


Covers: Name / Purpose / Membership / Independence


Covers: Address / Committee / Ordinary General Meeting (OGM)/ Extraordinary General Meeting / Voting


Covers: Subscriptions / Appointment of Independent Reviewer / Banking




What members are expected or encouraged to do


Lists the responsibilities of the Committee.


1.1 NAME
The name of the body is “The Anfi UK Members’ Club” hereinafter known as “the Club”.


The purpose of the Club is to enhance the enjoyment of stays at Anfi del Mar and Anfi Tauro through:

1.2.1 the exchange of information about the resort, Gran Canaria and flights

1.2.2 the promotion of the interests of members of the Club and owners of timeshare weeks at the Anfi resorts generally

1.2.3 a resale and rental facility for timeshare weeks at Anfi del Mar and Anfi Tauro

1.2.4 providing support for guests of fellow members while visiting Anfi resorts

1.2.5 providing information to members through such means as the committee deem appropriate. This may include, but is not limited to, using a website, social media and other electronic or physical communications.

1.2.6 co-operation with other groups of Anfi owners


1.3.1 FULL MEMBER: Anyone who owns, or jointly owns a Certificate or has a Biennial Agreement at any resort in the Anfi del Mar complex or the Anfi Tauro complex is eligible to become a full member.

1.3.2 HONORARY MEMBER: Former owners who remain interested in Anfi resorts may apply to the Committee on an annual basis for Honorary Membership. Honorary membership may be granted at an annual subscription rate to be determined by the Committee but confers no voting, General Meeting or Committee rights. Any ex-owner taking up this offer will be announced to the members via the website.

1.3.3 AFFILIATE MEMBER: When a Full Member sells or otherwise disposes of their Anfi timeshare, but a portion of their membership period has not expired, they may apply to the Committee for affiliate membership for the remainder of their paid up membership period. Affiliate members shall have no voting, General Meeting or Committee rights but may otherwise participate fully in the Club.

1.3.4 The Members’ Charter is attached to this Constitution (Appendix A) and forms part of the Constitution.

1.3.5 Membership may be withdrawn by the Committee from any member whom the Committee determines to have contravened the Members’ Charter (Appendix A). Any member may raise concerns about another member in writing to the Committee, at which time an investigation shall be instigated by the Chair. If a breach of the Members’ Charter is found then, except in the case of serious abuse, the Committee shall issue a warning to the offending member in writing. If the member continues to breach the Members’ Charter then the Committee may withdraw membership. In cases of serious abuse the Committee may withdraw membership immediately and without warning.


The Club shall be and remain independent of the Anfi del Mar and Anfi Tauro developers and resort managers. Nevertheless the Club shall co-operate with the managers of the Anfi resorts in furtherance of the Club’s stated aims (see “Purpose” paragraph 1.2 above)


The Club shall communicate with the members by electronic means, e.g. by email and via the Club’s website, wherever possible.

However where a member is without email or internet access and notifies the Club of this, the Club shall make reasonable efforts to use other methods of communication, e.g. by telephone or post, so as to ensure all members receive all notifications relating to the Club’s activities.



The official address of the Club will be as published on the Club’s website from time to time.


2.2.1 The Club will be managed by a Committee which should include the following Honorary Officers:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer

2.2.2 The minimum size of the Committee shall be three, comprising the Honorary Officers, and the maximum shall be the number of Honorary Officers plus one member for each role specified in Appendix B.

Members will be elected to the Committee at a General Meeting, the term of each person’s appointment being for three years or, if a General Meeting is not held at the end of their third year in office, for four years.

Committee responsibilities are attached to this Constitution (Appendix B) and form part of it.

Committee members’ roles within the Committee will be decided by the Committee from amongst the Committee members at the first Committee meeting after an election. These roles may be altered by the Committee during the term of office. The identity of and role(s) covered by each Committee member will be published on the Club website.

2.2.3 At each Ordinary General Meeting at least one third of the Committee members will stand down and an election held to fill the vacancies. The retiring members will be eligible for re-election. Where the terms of office would result in the majority of the Committee posts falling vacant at an Ordinary General Meeting then the Ordinary General Meeting may agree to some terms being extended by one or two years in order to achieve the ideal of about a third of posts falling vacant each year.

2.2.4 The Committee is allowed to co-opt members onto the Committee to cover resignations or unfilled roles but this must be recorded on the Club website. Co-opted members shall not be eligible to vote at Committee meetings until their appointment has been ratified at a General Meeting.

2.2.5 Committee meetings shall normally be held face-to-face at such frequency and location as the Committee shall determine to be reasonably necessary for the conduct of the Club’s business. The Committee may decide to convene a Committee meeting remotely by telephone conference call, Skype, email or any other electronic means and any decisions made at such remotely convened Committee meetings shall be as valid as if made at a face-to-face meeting.

2.2.6 At all Committee meetings including remotely convened meetings there shall be a quorum of at least two-thirds of voting Committee members. If there is no quorum, then the Committee meeting shall be postponed and reconvened at another date. At the discretion of the Committee a purely informal meeting may be held at the originally arranged time, but no decisions requiring expenditure shall be made.

2.2.7 When a single Club membership consists of more than one person, and more than one of them is elected or co-opted onto the Committee, they shall have one Committee vote between them.


2.3.1 The Committee shall make every reasonable effort to hold an OGM on a weekend day normally between mid-February and the end of April at least every two years or annually if so determined by the Committee. The exact date and time of an OGM is to be determined by the Committee.

2.3.2 An OGM will be held at a place and location, either physical or electronic, at the discretion of the Committee.

2.3.3 Notice of an OGM is to be sent to all members at least six weeks beforehand.

2.3.4 An OGM shall normally be chaired by the Chair or, in their absence or at their direction, the Vice Chair. Failing that the Committee members present may appoint another Committee member to chair the meeting.


An EGM may be called by a resolution of the Committee or at the request of the members at any time providing the following conditions are met:

2.4.1 The meeting is held on a weekend

2.4.2 It is called by notice sent to all members at least 28 days before the meeting unless the Chair (or, in their absence, another nominated Committee Member) considers the matter very urgent when fewer days’ notice may be given, but there must always be a minimum of seven days’ notice given.

2.4.3 A members’ request for an EGM must be signed by at least twenty-five members including a voting Committee member or, if there is no support from a voting Committee member, by one tenth of the Full Members of the Club.

2.4.4 Before making a request for an EGM, the members requesting the EGM should use all reasonable efforts to discuss and resolve the issues through the Committee. An EGM should always be seen as a last resort.

2.4.5 Any members’ request for an EGM must be sent initially to the Secretary, or failing that to another Honorary Officer, or failing that to any Committee member, who will be responsible for calling the EGM at the earliest possible date and making all the administrative arrangements including arranging a venue.

2.4.6 The location chosen for the EGM shall be as geographically accessible for all members as is reasonably possible, so as not to prejudice members’ attendance.

2.4.7 Where the EGM has been called by members without the support of a voting Committee member, the Chair of the EGM must be chosen by a vote at the beginning of the meeting, and this must be minuted.

2.4.8 Where an EGM is called by a resolution of the Committee, the EGM shall normally be chaired by the Chair or, in their absence, the Vice Chair. Failing that the Committee members present may appoint another Committee member to chair the meeting.


2.5.1 Only Full Members who have paid their subscription in full at the time of a vote at a General Meeting will be eligible to vote. When a single Club membership consists of more than one person they shall have one vote between them.

2.5.2 Postal voting will be allowed.

2.5.3 Electronic (Internet) voting will be allowed.

2.5.4 Members may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on their behalf. Proxy forms will be available from the Secretary or other designated Committee Member as specified in the Notice of General Meeting. Electronic means of appointing a proxy will be allowed. The proxy must be in attendance at the meeting and must be a Full Member of the Club.

2.5.5 All members eligible to vote at a General Meeting should have the opportunity to register their views. Therefore all motions must be notified to the Secretary, or other designated Committee Member as specified in the Notice of General Meeting, in advance by such time as may be advised and shall be included in notices and postal/electronic voting forms.

2.5.6 The quorum for any General Meeting will be twelve paid up members in attendance including Committee members. If there is no quorum at the start time, the start will be delayed for one hour. If there is no quorum after one hour, the meeting can take place, but no formal business decided upon or votes taken. The meeting will be re-convened 28 days later (unless that takes it to a Bank Holiday weekend, when the meeting will be convened on the first weekend after 28 days which does not include a Bank Holiday). All reports must be made available online to all members with access and by post to those without within one week of the original meeting. At the postponed General Meeting, those actually attending will form the quorum. Postal and mail votes and proxies sent for both meetings will be counted, with later votes overriding earlier. The answers to questions about the reports will be published online and by post as above. The postponed meeting may be electronic.

2.5.7 At any General Meeting a simple majority will carry any resolution. In the event of a tie, the Chair of the meeting will have a casting vote.



3.1.1 The Club’s financial year will end on 31st December

3.1.2 The annual subscription will be reviewed at every OGM.

3.1.3 Subscriptions will be due on the anniversary of joining or renewal.

3.1.4 If any member has not paid their subscription within one month after the due date, membership will automatically cease and, if that member is on the Committee they shall be automatically removed from the Committee.


3.2.1 The person to carry out an Independent Review of the Club’s accounts shall be appointed at each OGM.

3.2.2 The Independent Reviewer shall carry out a series of test checks to confirm that the Club’s accounts have been prepared in accordance with the underlying records by looking at the prime records, sampling a number of transactions to show they are appropriately recorded, and checking that the totals in the prime records match the final accounts.

3.2.3 Should the Independent Reviewer resign or be unable to continue between OGMs, the Committee shall appoint a replacement. The appointment of a replacement must be reported on the Club website.


3.3.1 A separate Bank account in the name of the Club shall be maintained by the Committee

3.3.2 There shall be a minimum of three signatories to the account with any two of the three eligible to authorise debit transactions, except for electronic payments whereby one Committee member may make payments or transfers if authorised to do so by the Committee.


3.4.1 Fees for existing services provided to members can only be introduced or changed following a membership vote at an OGM. Where a new service for members is introduced between OGMs the Committee may determine the fees payable for that service until the next OGM.


4.1 The Constitution may be changed at an OGM or an EGM but proposed changes must be made in writing and included with the notice to call the meeting.

4.2 Minor amendments to a proposed resolution may be agreed during the debate but the principal purpose of the resolution may not be changed by the meeting. The Chair’s decision will be final as to what is meant by “minor” in the context of the proposal.


5.1 A resolution to dissolve the Club shall be considered at an OGM or at an EGM called in accordance with the Constitution providing that at least 28 days written notice has been given to members.

5.2 If the resolution is carried by at least two-thirds of members voting in person, by post or by proxy, the Committee shall thereupon, or at such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the Anfi UK Members’ Club and discharge all its debts and liabilities.

5.3 After discharging all the debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets shall be distributed as directed by the members at an OGM or EGM.


Each member is expected to :-

  • Pay the subscription promptly
  • Behave in a courteous manner to other members and other Anfi timeshare owners, both in person and on the Club website and other forums facilitated by the Club.

Each member is encouraged to :-

  • Inform other Anfi timeshare owners about the Club and its aims and encourage them to join
  • Post information and an evaluation on the website about restaurants, markets, shops etc. visited while on Gran Canaria as soon as possible after their return home.
  • Arrange and support Club social meetings whether in the UK or Gran Canaria
  • Provide support for other Club members or their guests while staying at Anfi del Mar or Anfi Tauro


The Committee’s responsibilities shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

  1. To manage the funds of the Club ensuring expenses are budgeted, subscriptions and fees are collected, and payments properly authorised (Treasurer)
  1. To collate and make available to Members such information as might help the Club achieve its objectives. (Communications)
  2. To provide a rental and resale facility on the publicly accessible section of the Club’s website (Rental and Resale)
  1. To maintain a Members Only section of the Club’s website providing information on travel opportunities, resort updates, bar and restaurant guides, places of interest on Gran Canaria, etc (Website Manager)
  2. To maintain an accurate and secure membership record (Membership Secretary)
  3. To arrange, encourage and support social meetings for Club members either on Gran Canaria or in the UK; and to arrange the OGMs (General Committee Member)
  4. To oversee and monitor the website forum and other electronic forums as may be facilitated by the Club from time to time (Forum Administrator)
  5. To endeavour to work with other European clubs of Anfi members (European Liaison)
  6. To add to or remove from the list of non-honorary Committee roles above as determined to be necessary or desirable for the Club.
  7. To allocate members elected to be Committee members to the Honorary Officers posts and to the other Committee roles above. A Committee member may hold more than one role but shall only be entitled to one vote.
  8. To promote the continued growth and development of the Club, to liaise with Anfi management and generally to promote the interests of members.
  9. To manage the affairs of the Club in accordance with its Constitution.

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