Recent announcement from Christine Johnson of Anfi (26 Oct ’18). This was sent to Resort Committee members, to be passed on :-

On requesting updated passport information recently from members, we have found that there are many members who have not updated their information with us ever and we have especially received an enormous amount of requests for name changes, additional names or having to take names off due to marriage, divorce or remarriage or death of a member.

Due to this, we have prepared the attached information, that will be given out at check-in and uploaded on to the members area web page and the App, where we are encouraging members to put their membership certificates in order with name changes, additional names or passing the certificates over to their children etc. in order to 1) update our data base, 2) update contracts and membership certificates and, at the same time, 3) to satisfying the growing demand of our older members who want to pass over to or include their families (children/heirs/new partners) on their membership certificates.

Our Customer Services, Contracts and Verification Offices are now prepared for the avalanche of requests that we know we are going to receive; several changes to our systems, both in IT and in staffing, had to be put in place before being able to go ahead.

These changes will be done free of charge from now until 31st January 2019, so this is great news for our members! If you wish to let as many members know about this as possible, please do not hesitate to do so and this would be very much appreciated.

Christine Johnson
Grupo Anfi

Note that “changes will be done free of charge from now until 31st January 2019”.